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Valentine's Day Follow Up

I promised a follow up to our Valentine's Day plans, so here it is! We actually celebrated on the Sunday before because we headed to California for the week to attend a farm show with Brandon. 

We started the morning with our heart blueberry muffins.  They were a hit! Brecken kept asking for more. 

Gifts were exchanged in the afternoon.  I made the kids a plate with Mickey and Minnie as well as their names.  I think as they get older they will use them more.  Our kids have SO many toys and I wanted something a little more meaningful.  Brecken also got some candy.  I made a plate and mug for Brandon. He has a serious sweet tooth, so this is for his cookies and milk.  He really likes Marvel and the Avengers movies, so I used those graphics on his plate.  Simple.  Probably a little corny too.  Brandon is super thoughtful, so he "carved our names in a tree".  On the back he carved the kids names.  I love it and it is now a permanent decoration on my shelves in the kitchen. 

Heart Pizza dinner.  Our pizza doesn't look quite heart shaped in photos, but I promise it was.  I had fun finding some simple decor (Dollar Tree) to fancy up our table a little.  We went around and shared things we love about the other members of our family.  When it was Brecken's turn, he wanted to share how much he loved trucks, tractors, cars, and pizza.

I hope these traditions will continue as the kids get older.  I loved our simple and quiet day together.  We got ice cream on Valentine's Day in California from a little local place to celebrate on the actual day. 

Mommy Style Monday: Family Valentines

This month for Mommy Style Monday we are talking about our Valentine's Day plans.  I will be the first to admit that I have never been a big fan of this holiday.  Being a teacher, it was a day of sugar rush and craziness.  We usually had parent teacher conferences on top of that.  It made for one really long day.  Brandon has ALWAYS been really thoughtful and creative for every holiday, so I have tried to get more into the spirit of it each year.  I am excited this year to share it with him and our kids.  As Brecken is getting older, he is starting to understand about holidays and that makes it so much more fun!

Decorations:   I try to keep it simple with decor.  I made a few small banners for our kitchen and mantles.  I also added a simple vinyl chalkboard on the wall over our kitchen table.  Last year I made centerpieces for our table using jars, candles, and candy hearts (all from the Dollar Tree).  Lastly, I got a cute letter board really cheap around Christmas and we have loved changing out the quotes for different occasions.

We keep it pretty simple around here.

There are 3 of these on our kitchen table.
Dollar Tree for the win!

Our mantle downstairs
Gifts:  Brandon and I have always done homemade gifts for Valentine's Day (insert Pinterest) because we don't like to spend a lot.  I can't share what I am doing this year because he reads this, but I'll share it after.  I will also do a homemade present for the kids.  Usually the gift includes some candy or other treats.  We made Brecken some play-dough last year; it was easy and we just keep it in the fridge.  If we have time, and I have the patience, we will attempt some other projects for the kids to make.

Valentine's Day:  I have a cute heart shaped muffin pan to make some muffins for breakfast.  Brandon will have to work, so most of the day will just be the kids and me. We have talked about how to celebrate, and we decided to just do the actual night of Valentine's Day as a family.  The plan is to get some festive plates and have a fun family dinner.  Papa Murphy's does a cute $7 heart shaped pizza that will be easy and yummy.  Then we will have dessert: a pizookie (pizza cookie) with some ice cream.   Brandon and I will "float" our celebration to a different day when we can find a babysitter.

This is probably the most we have done for Valentine's Day and it isn't going to be anything extraordinary.  I do love creating traditions and getting to watch Brecken and Lizzie experience holidays.

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January: The month that feels like one long Monday

We have hit the last few days of January and I am so glad! It is seriously one of the hardest months for me because of the dreary, cold, and snowy days.  So to be almost into February is a blessing. 

I decided to do a family update each month, focusing on the kids and also the things we did together.  I also want to show my progress on my goals for the year.

"Let's play blocks"
Brecken:  This kid is hilarious.  He has a large vocabulary and can communicate basically anything he wants (which makes life a lot easier).  As a two year old, he is throwing some lovely tantrums over the smallest things, as to be expected.  He got Duplo blocks for Christmas and is obsessed with building cars, trucks, etc.  He also loves letters and numbers.  He can identify all his letters and numbers 1-20.  Colors, shapes, Mickey Mouse, and Toy Story are basically his other favorites.  He has some crazy facial expressions and his personality is big and bold.  I love this stage with him!

Those. Eyes.

Elizabeth:  I can't believe in just a few weeks we will have a 6 month old girl! Lizzie is the sweetest, happiest baby.  She rolls all over the place and is starting to sit up a little more on her own.  She reaches and holds toys really well -- then places them instantly in her mouth.  Her naps are still kind of inconsistent, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours and she takes 2-3 a day.  For the most part she is great at night, but we still have had a few bumps along the way.  She adores Brecken, loves Baby Einstein, stares at lights, and laughs when her daddy throws her up in the air.  It is seriously killing me how fast she is growing up. 

I love their bond! 

We created a family bucket list in December and we have checked a few things off in January.  Brecken and Brandon built a little snowman on the back deck. We took the kids to the Bounce and Slide place one Friday and had so much fun.  Then we also had a semi-warm day and went for some Yogurtland frozen yogurt.  Brandon, Brecken, and I also went sledding in the backyard.  Most importantly is we spent as much time together as we could when Brandon wasn't working.  Both these babies love their Daddy!

My goals for the year were to create more projects using my Cricut (mostly to decorate our home) and to use my camera more.  All the pictures of our family above are from my camera.  I have read a lot about my particular camera and have just signed up for an online beginners class for photography.  It is a go at your own pace kind of thing, so I am sure it will take me a while. 

Below are a few (of the many) projects I created with the Cricut this month:

1.  I monogrammed my water bottle because I'm from North Carolina and if something doesn't move then you monogram it!

2.  I repurposed an old chalk board with some vinyl for Valentine's Day.

3.  I used some vinyl to create a fun wood sign to keep up during January. This particular idea came from Cricut Design Space.