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Featured on MovingBabies

Featured on MovingBabies

Mommy Style Monday: What's For Lunch?

What's for lunch? Mommy Style Monday for June is all about my go-to lunches for the babes and me!  I will start with the kiddos and then share some of mine.  We don't have a huge variety, but they are quick and easy.  

Brecken usually eats turkey, cheese, fruit and sometimes crackers.  Below you will see a few of the lunches he had last week.  Lizzie gets some of the same things, just fed by me.  We also do Spaghettios and sometimes leftovers (especially pizza).  

Leftover pizza
Turkey, Graham Crackers, Cheese, Carrots
Dollar Store Frozen Plate for the win! 
Notice a theme?
Turkey, cheese, strawberries

Over the last six weeks I have been striving to follow healthier eating habits.  I use the philosophy of Carli Williams "Nourish First Satisfy Second" as the basis for what and how I eat. I always have a green smoothie and then another serving of veggies and fruit.  Most days I add a peanut butter and honey sandwich  Occasionally, I get more time and can make a flatbread or big salad.  


Leftover Turkey Burger, Salad, Fruit
BOLTHOUSE dressing is AMAZING + 45 Calories! 

Flat bread from Carli's meal plan -- super easy and so delicious!

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Mommy Style Monday: Cleaning Routine

This month on Mommy Style Monday we are sharing our cleaning routines.  I have a few things I stick to, but I am always looking for ways to simplify and be more effective in how I clean.  Below I am going to share my weekly cleaning routine, as well as some deep cleaning I do throughout the year.  I would love to hear what routines y'all follow! What chores do you enjoy? I really enjoy laundry and vacuuming.  I dislike bathrooms and mopping!

Weekly Cleaning Schedule: I focus on one chore and a living space each day.  This isn't a deep clean (except for the kitchen), more like a tidy up.  Laundry is followed loosely.  I do one or two loads a day, but what I wash depends on what needs to be cleaned most.

Daily: pick up clutter/toys (5-10 minutes at night), dishes, wipe down kitchen counters and sink.

*Brandon cleans our bathrooms because that is my least favorite chore.  Isn't he the BEST?!
** Brecken has some age appropriate chores.  He is responsible for helping clean up his toys and putting his dirty clothes in his hamper.  He will also help me move laundry around and sometimes with dishes.

Deep Cleaning: 

Kitchen: Fridge/Freezer/Pantry gets cleaned out and organized every week or two.

Closets: I usually go through and clean out all our closets 2-3 times a year.  I box up the kids' clothes that are too small and reorganize.  This includes our hall closets, too.

Windows: I get to those less than I would like, maybe once a month and even then they get smeared by Brecken pretty much instantly.

Capsule Wardrobe:  This year I have implemented a capsule wardrobe.  Basically, I have a small wardrobe for each season that I rotate.  It has made my closet so much easier to clean and I have very little to no clutter.  To read more about how I did this, click here.

Like I have shared before, we currently live in a house that my parents will retire in. We don't have a ton of our own space, but there is a lot of house to keep clean.  Our things stay in a few pretty organized areas and I do my best to maintain the rest of the house.

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Three Baby Products Every Mom Needs

My little sister is expecting a baby in the fall and I have been sharing with her all the essentials to register for.  Beyond the basics it gets kind of tricky.  I will say that there are a lot of amazing products out there and it can be really overwhelming to decide on what you need.  I want to share my top three baby items that have made life with babies so much easier.

1.  Owlet monitor

I purchased this when my second baby arrived and I wish I had gotten it with my first.  Lizzie slept in her crib from day two and this little sock gave me peace of mind.  Owlet tracks your baby's oxygen level and heart rate through a sensor placed in a sock on their foot.  The sock is really easy to put on and it doesn't irritate or both the baby.  It comes with three different sized socks, so as your child grows you can keep using it.  The base alerts you if oxygen or heart rate levels fall below normal or if the sock stops monitoring.  They have an app that you can watch -- it even will tell you when your baby is wiggling.  I remember with Brecken, my oldest, checking on him all the time to make sure he was breathing.  So beyond the many times I was already up and feeding, I was losing even more sleep because I was scared he wasn't breathing.  The owlet changed EVERYTHING.  I could monitor her and I knew if something changed, I would hear the alert through her monitor.  Not that I slept a lot because life with a newborn is not that way, but I slept soundly.  It is worth every penny to purchase this to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is okay.  It is also so easy to take with you on trips.  We went on two trips away from home when she was just a few months old and had no issue using the owlet in hotels.  Purchase yours here.

2.  Bumbo

I have used my Bumbo with both of my babies a lot!  They are the perfect size to put on the floor, table, counter, pretty much anywhere you want to your baby with you.  It's got a safety belt to make sure they don't fall out and of course always monitor them if you have them up on a higher surface.  We use ours a lot when I am cooking dinner, so I can have the babies right by me.  They are great for feeding in leiu of a highchair.  I also like putting Lizzie in the bathroom with me while I do my hair and makeup.  Once your kid can sit up supported they are ready for a Bumbo.

3. Play Mat

Brecken got our play mat for Christmas when he was just two months old.  He loved it instantly and was entertained by the lights and sounds.  As he got older he could play with the hanging animals as well as the crinkly leaf on bottom portion.  He is now 2.5 years old and will still lay under it (especially if little sister is under there).  Lizzie loves it too.  We have only had to change the batteries a few times and this baby has been sturdy and durable for both of my kids.  We have the older version of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym, but the new one looks really cute and is a lot cheaper!

What are your life saving baby items? I love hearing about new products that are great for my kids!

*This is not a sponsored ad, just products I love and want to share!*