Monday, June 6, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Diaper Bag Essentials

Ok y'all I am so excited to be joining a group of fantastic ladies in sharing some of our favorite things, styles, etc. I love reading about what works for other moms. This week we are sharing our diaper bag essentials. Everyone needs a diaper bag, or some sort of bag, when you take your baby out. I absolutely LOVE mine and am excited to share it with you! I am not sharing my wipes, diapers, and first aid necessities, but all those other must haves I keep with me. Enjoy!

Let me just start out by saying that I have carried Vera Bradley bags and luggage since I was about fourteen. That is half of my life! Every southern gal knows Vera is amazing. They are durable, easy to clean, and adorable! They add at least four new patterns each season and they have a bag for pretty much anything. So go check out what they have for you! 
This adorable pattern is called Flower Shower.

My hands are free to love on this kid! 

My first essential I want to share is my diaper bag!  Vera carries a few different styles.  I knew I wanted one and I also knew I wanted a backpack. If I had to take Brecken out alone, I wanted to be able to carry him (car seats are dang heavy!) and a backpack would make it easier. Now, I wasn't able to find my exact backpack on Vera's site, but they do sell them in other patterns. It is super cute and very lightweight.  

I love how much room there is and the organizational pockets
Perfect changing station!
The inside is all plastic so you can easily wipe away any spills. There is a large compartment with four mesh pockets, a smaller compartment that has a fold out changing pad and two mesh pockets, and the front pocket has a magnetic button. Also there are two side pockets perfect for a bottle or a drink for Mom. Now I am going to show you how I organize everything that Brecken needs on our adventures away from home. 

The Essentials: 

Most important thing in my bag is my covered goods nursing cover.  I had a few different ones and then my amazing sister-in-law showed me hers and I knew I had to have it.  It actually keeps you and the baby covered at all times while nursing!  It can also be used as a cover in a high chair, shopping cart, or over the car seat. I also love how soft it is and that it can be easily rolled up.

Next, a blanket.  Right now we are hitting our stride (finally) with warmer weather.  I usually take a blanket in case he wants to get down and play, especially at church.  This is a light muslin blanket. In colder weather I usually grab something a little thicker in case he needs to be covered more in the car seat.

Next up:  toys.  Until the last few months, they were pretty much pointless in my bag.  They might keep his attention for a few minutes and then be thrown to the side.  Brecken is at such a fun age where he will play and interact with toys.

His favorite toy is the VTech Musical Rhymes book that sings nursery rhymes and has some other interactive buttons and noise makers.  It is the only thing that he will look at sometimes, during church or at a restaurant.  Even without the sound on, he loves it!

The other noisy toy he has is a rainmaker shaker.  It has colors, movement, and sound which are basically his three favorite things.

The other toys I keep are what I call "chewies" (obviously not a real word). I bought both of these for Christmas and they have been life savers in the car and as he has started teething.  The rings come in a big set with many colors and we have a few in the diaper bag and a few at home.  He loves to chew on them and rip them apart.  The other favorite is Sophie the giraffe which is a great teether and has a little squeaker that Brecken loves.

Lastly, I always keep a small board book or two in the bag.  I'm a teacher, what do you expect?  Right now, he loves anything by the amazing Eric Carle.

I use my mesh compartments to roll up my burp cloth, nursing cover, and blanket.  Extra clothes are at the bottom and then the toys fill in the rest of the middle.  With all those things, there is still plenty of room to add more.  Sometimes I have a jacket in there too.  Best part is that it is so light carrying it on my back.  

My middle compartment organizes the perfect changing station with wipes, diapers, and the changing mat (now folded).  It has two snap buttons that keep it attached to the plastic front, if you want it to.

The very front pocket is perfect for my wallet, keys, and travel size hand sanitizer.  

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  1. That is such a cute diaper bag! I love it! I love the backpack style too. So much more convenient! Such a good post. I hope you join us next time!

  2. Cute! I haven't ever seen a Vera Bradley diaper bag! We love the back pack style. xx

  3. Cute bag! The change station is way bigger than mine on a PPB, I love it! Never seen a Vera Bradley diaper bag!

  4. Backpacks are the best! My hospital gives a Vera Bradley tote bag to every mom who gives birth there. They are our church bags! I love them too.

  5. That is amazing! I use Vera at church too!